Holy Night (1951)

UNRATED • 30m • 2022 • Special

The story opens from the pages of the Old Testament when Hesekiah was King in Jerusalem, and the Prophet Isaiah prophesied that there will be a Messiah born of a virgin and he shall be the King of Kings. Seven centuries passed and all of Isaiah’s prophecies came to be. In Nazareth, Mary is betrothed to Joseph, the carpenter. The Angel of the Lord appears and tells her that she will bear a son named Jesus. Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth and Joseph is troubled by her leaving. Mary shares her joy with Elizabeth and stays for three months with her. Mary returns home and tells Joseph of the Angel’s visit and that she is carrying Jesus. Joseph is also visited by an Angel that convinces him to marry her. The fulfillment of the ancient promise then comes to pass in the moving simplicity of the Nativity.