About Us

Gospel Films Library is a repository of films that chronicle how the Bible, faith and Christianity was presented to 20th century audiences through the medium of film and television. Our mission is to track down, digitize, and restore hundreds of Christian films that have renewed relevance in the modern era.

These vintage films reflect Biblical history and Christian ideology, while addressing topics that remain relevant to contemporary audiences. Many of these rare, neglected, historic films were crafted by talented Hollywood filmmakers expressly for Christian organizations. Other films with strong spiritual themes were produced by traditional studios for mainstream theatrical and television audiences.

Fans of classic movies and Bible history will find them especially appealing. The films remain engaging and inspiring, and richly deserve to be rescued, restored and widely reissued.

"A quick perusal of the website easily shows the care and quality that has been put into this endeavour. It's an important part of film history that has been overlooked for decades. The content is eclectic and attractive, and sure to be used as an evangelistic tool in the years to come. I have a number of friends I know will be interested in using the website as a Christian cinematic library."

- Jon Ted Wynne
Actor, Director, Writer, Filmmaker
Winnipeg, Canada