The Two Kingdoms (1950)

UNRATED • 1h 3m • 2016 • Special

Fred Hoffman is an American church volunteer in 1950 postwar Germany serving as a missionary during the Potsdam Agreement, where the thunder of bombs has been followed by the clash of ideas. Upon arrival, Fred encounters and helps a young German boy, Willy, whose family are refugees now living in squalor. Papa Koerner is a former city councilor and member of the Nazi Party who still believes the state should be the source for all authority and that all Germans should not be paying the price for the evils committed by the nazis. Despite the father's ideology, Fred is determined to help his wife Frau Koerner, and his daughter Erika, who mysteriously earns the money necessary to sustain the family. The film demonstrates the ideological crossroads between the kingdom of the state and the Kingdom of God. The cast includes John Alberts, Philip Cooledge, Mildred Dunnock, and Constance Ford in her first film appearance.