Return to Jerusalem (1949)

UNRATED • 29m • 2023 • Special

Saul returns to Jerusalem three years after his conversion on the road to Damascus. Because of his infamous past, he is at first greeted with distrust. Barnabas introduces him to the Apostles, including Peter. Saul declares himself a disciple of Christ and is believed. He gains permission to preach, and goes about preaching boldly in the streets and the synagogues, arousing the hatred of the congregation. Gamaliel, a Pharisee and a friend to Saul warns him that his life is in imminent danger, but he is not discouraged. Mark saves Saul from an assassin. Then, urged by the disciples to flee the country for safety, Saul seeks an answer in devout prayer and is led by the voice of Jesus to depart the land of the Gentiles. Saul sails away to await the call to begin his missionary journeys. (Episode 4)