Christmas Through the Ages (1954)

UNRATED • 12m • 2018 • Special

Here is the story of Christmas blended from Biblical history, myths, legends, and customs as old as the human race. A series of colorful dramatic scenes trace the symbols of Christmas to their many sources. Narrator: "These songs and customs merged with our heritage and became part of the Christmas celebration as we know it today ... composed of gifts from many lands. From ancient Rome the custom of giving presents. From Palestine, the story of the Nativity, the Christmas lights and the time of the feast. From pagan Germany, the fir tree and the holly. From England, the bells and mistletoe, the yule log, Christmas pudding and carols. From somewhere near Constantinople came St. Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus. From Holland, the Christmas stockings by the fireplace. And from Northern Europe, the jingle bells and the reindeer.