Third Missionary Journey (1950)

UNRATED • 28m • 2023 • Special

Paul arrives in Antioch, receives word from the churches in Galatia, and is angered by the reports he receives. He begins writing his letters to the Galatians and sends Titus on ahead with word that he would follow as soon as he could. One by one Paul revisits the churches he had established five years before and strengthens them until he reaches Ephesus, where he stays for two years. Ephesus is at the center of the cult of Diana, and Paul's preaching eventually affects the business of the silversmiths who profit from the sale of idols of Diana. Demetrius, leader of the craftsman's Guild, stirs up the people and is on the verge of causing a riot when the frenzied crowd is subdued. In the year 54, Paul decides to leave Ephesus for fear his presence will endanger the work. He starts back to Jerusalem with Luke and Timothy. Arriving in Jerusalem, Paul ignores safety warnings and visits the temple. He is recognized, and a frenzied crowd drags him away towards an unknown fate.